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Printing Equipment
◆ Printing Unit
◆ Principle
◆ Application
◆ Specification
◆ Screens
◆ Spare Parts
◆ Engraving
◆ Ink and Vanish

Company Profile: Wangtian Rotary Screen Pinting(WTS) founded in 2006, is specialized in production of rotary screen printing equipment,
In the field of rotary screen printing, we provide products including rotary screen printing equipment, silk screen materials, plate-making equipment and technical service for our customers.
Our company has a group of professionals experience of many years on development and technical services in the field of Rotary Screen Printing Industry, and they are experts of providing professional service efficiently for customers.
Patent Technology: The products of our company are all developed and designed independently, each of which caters to practical applications of customers.
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