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Printing Equipment
◆ Printing Unit
◆ Principle
◆ Application
◆ Specification
◆ Screens
◆ Spare Parts
◆ Engraving
◆ Ink and Vanish

Application in industries

Invoice Printing

Scratched-off security code is widely used in tax invoice as a means to add more security feature.   Because of the high cost of import screen printing unit, the scratch off ink is mostly printed with flexo, and letterpress.  Nevertheless, the use of screen printing has undeniable superior effect in scratch off ink.

Label Printing

The popular trend for printers is to integrate multiple printing processes into the print job to achieve special appearance and increase its security barrier.  Rotary screen printing is one of the most outstanding process for special effect.

Using screen printing for matt printing is essential for transparent label printing.  Screen printing can also give solid appearance and strong hand feel.  These are the main reasons why screen printing is widely used in high-end beer label and cosmetic labels.



other industry
Electronic industry: conductive line printing, RFID antenna printing; FPC flexible circuit board anti-etching ink printing, text printing, green oil printing.
Coating: the printing of pattern-shaped glue, the coating of conductive ink; special ink printing coating.



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