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Printing Equipment
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Technical Services
Traning of manufactoring process and equipment maintenance




We organize technical training courses conducted by experienced staff in operation and maintenance.
Our courses cover:
1.  The mechanics of rotary screen printing;
2.  Problems detecting and solving; useful skills in screen printing;
3.  Adjustment, calibration and routine maintenance of
    the printing machine.
We also organize training for plate-making operations.

Overhaul Service





 Before overhaul

 After overhaul

We provide service to overhaul printing equipment, for exmaple of importing screen printing equipment. Our service includes installation of the equipment down to the component level, cleaning the ink debris, replacement of worn out parts, reassembly of the machine. The most important is to adjust of the mechanical structure, so that the best printing results could be given.

Upgrade/ modification of electrical system




 Before modification

 After modification

We also upgrade/ modify import screen printing machines. Our service includes complete replacement of the electrical and pneumatic systems. We reload motor drive, pneumatic panel, touch screen control in new motor. This service improves the performance of the machine, corrects possible dificiencies and adding new functions, such as touch screen panel, remote control function.
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